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Top 70s-Inspired Groovy Fonts and Their Use-Cases

Not only was the 1970s a tremendous decade for music and television, but also for print and advertising publications. The era’s typography is distinct, and it’s no surprise that it’s making a comeback in graphic design. Playful patterns and color pallets of the 1970s are used in many visual designs today. You must use the correct typeface to obtain the 70s look. I’ve compiled a list of some of the most dynamic and exceptional typefaces to help you achieve that retro and vintage vibe when creating your compositions.

This article contains over ten retro 70s font styles you should use for your next project.

10+ Retro 70s Fonts For Your Next Project

If you need a customized typeface for your branding and graphic design projects, then you are in the right place. I have compiled a wide assortment of fonts for you, all of which have a retro look with a beautiful ’70s flair. I have researched and included all the use cases for each font so you can easily match your needs to your selection.

Summer of ’76

Multi-layered lines tend to draw attention. Summer of ’76 is one such multi-line font with a unique style, and it works well with large text since the line breaks are visible. This combination of 70s fonts can be used for various purposes, including party-themed advertising material, music album covers, posters, garment design, movie titles, and other applications.

summer of 76 font


Funkies is a playful and bold typeface that will add excitement and nostalgia to your design process. It is inspired by the funk and disco 70s era and includes alternate characters, swashes, ligatures for decoration, and multilingual accents. 

It is yet another font that works well with enormous text. It is suitable for badges, logotypes, t-shirt designs, posters, book covers, packaging, and other purposes.

funkies 70s font


Groovy evolved as a handwriting project inspired by 1970s typography. It includes an extruded version and around 600 glyphs, swashes, stylistic alternates, and ligatures. This font style is typical of graffiti from the 1970s and 1980s; it is loud and colorful, expressing the hippie trend of the time. It is also ideal for printing coffee cups, engravings, and souvenirs.

Groovy 1970s typography


Hornbill is a large serif font family with 18 different styles, and it works well with both retro and modern designs. Several weights are available, ranging from thin to black, as well as italic variations of each. Let Hornbill stand out with its extra-bold style for packaging and branding designs, or blend it with body texts for websites, brochures, posters,  invitation cards, etc.

hornbill serif font

Assox typeface

Assox typeface is one of the more unique options on the list. It is mainly optimized for branding packaging and design of comic books. You can do a lot with this font, especially if you want to establish an ageless branding design that resonates with a wide range of customers.

Assox is an excellent font for your font collection since it is unique and straightforward to apply to almost any media. It has a concept design that is not too serious but rather classic, groovy, funny, and unique.

Designers may use it to create posters, sign boards, t-shirts, and other social media needs.

assox typeface


Rosebay is a lovely slab serif typeface influenced by styles from the 1970s, although it lacks an overpowering retro flavor. It’s perfect for your 1970s designs but may also be used for modern projects. It has capital and lowercase letters,  an oblique variant to match, and multilingual support.

Rosebay typeface is perfect for writing site designs, business cards, or anything else that demands a unique touch.

rosebay 70s typeface


Morish is a multipurpose serif font suitable for designs from the 1970s but may also be used for other purposes. It includes alternate characters that make it simple to construct curving shapes that stand out. It also comes with multilingual support, ligatures, and a web font.

Morish will take any design project to the next level: signatures, branding, invitations, headers, wedding designs,  logos, labels, or anything else.

morish display serif font

Glamour Absolute Font

Glamour Absolute is a lovely and adaptable groovy typeface. It comes in 12 variants, providing you with many alternatives and choices.

Glamour Absolute is a highly versatile typeface that designers may use for various projects, including bold magazine graphics, wedding invites, branding, poster design, and much more.

The elegant alternate letters are incorporated into the typeface. They may be accessible through OpenType Features in various tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Pages, Textedit, and Indesign.

Saturday Night Font Family

This bright retro typeface will take you to the disco. This family looks best when used with other color families to achieve a 3D illusion. It has seven distinct interlocking fonts for layering styles.

Saturday Night Font Family is ideal for headings, logos, quotes, garment design, invites, flyers, posters, greeting cards, posters, product packaging, album covers, printed quotes,  movie covers, book covers, and so on.

saturday night font family

Creative Vintage Font

Creative Vintage is another lovely ’70s font you will use regularly. The package includes three fonts: standard, great script, and draft, which are somewhat textured, and they are the ideal complement to Creative Vintage. Alternates, ligatures, multilingual support, and over 600 glyphs are also included in this typeface. A web font is available for crafting, digital designing, presentations, or greeting card making.

creative vintage font

Lovadelic + Extras

This trippy font’s thick interlacing swashes and ligatures, combined with the wide script, capture all that made the vintage style popular. It includes a set of unusual glyphs and symbols to offer visual flair.

These fonts are ideal for any historical piece or retro style, but they are incredibly reminiscent of the 1970s.

Lovadelic includes open-type features such as stylistic sets, ligatures, stylistic alternates, and contextual alternates. The package consists of extra graphics to assist you in creating great designs.

Lovadelic typeface is ideally suited for logos, quotes, headers, garment design, flyers, invitations, posters,  product packaging, greeting cards, book covers,  album covers, movie covers, printed quotes, and so on.

Lovadelic groovy typeface

The Seventies

This font represents the most prominent stylistic elements of the era, as the name suggests. The bold and curving letters with extra roughness are reminiscent of old screen-printed rock posters. The bundle includes many layers you may mix up to achieve the perfect retro style.

A regular desktop font will allow the user to access the typeface on your pc for usage with writing tools such as design tools, word editors, and other font-selection-enabled apps. The Seventies is used to create static pictures (JPEG, TIFF, PNG), logos, and print documents.

the seventies font


Kehlin has been exquisitely designed to portray the thrill and elegance of the thriving economy. It’s a winning mix of the decade’s signature wide loops and angled lines. Perfect for branding, headline material, logo, posters, or old sport.

kehlin typeface

Top 5 70s Font Freebies

So far, we’ve examined a number of the top ’70s typefaces, but there are also a few free fonts. Many freebies are exclusively available for personal use, which implies that no one should use them in professional work or other commercial ventures. Always read the conditions of the license before using a free resource.

Reglisse Font

Reglisse typeface is a curved font available in three different styles. It’s ready for personal use and could work well with your 1970s-inspired projects. Use for excellent displays, movie screens, logos, album covers, labeling, apparel,  posters, logos, movie titles, and more.

reglisse free 70s font

The Bambank Script Font

The Bambank Script is a hefty script typeface that looks great in 1970s designs. It is available in a single weight and is free for personal use only. The Bambank Script is a fun and trendy typeface used for various designs such as hats, book covers, logos, movie titles, commercials, and many more.

The Bambank Script Font


Krasty is a stunning retro font with over 300 glyphs and variations. It is, however, only available for personal use. Interested parties can use Krasty font for various projects, including invitations, labels, stationery, logos, greeting and wedding cards, magazines, books, beauty, fiction, and labeling.

krasty free font


Glinchiest is a cool typeface with a shadow variation that can be employed in layers with the standard font. It is only available for personal use and is ideal for logos and logotypes. A bold style helps your product appear highly confident in its appearance in the eyes of your customers.

Glinchiest typeface

Keep on Truckin’

The large typography on Keep on Truckin’ screams the 1970s. It is available in a single weight and is only for personal use. It is frequently utilized for the vast majority of things such as product packaging, book covers, brand styles, banner adverts, etc.

keep on trucking 1970s font

Final Thoughts

Finding the right font to suit your use case can be pretty daunting, mainly if you target a specific mood or feel in your design or publication. There are numerous customized fonts in both premium and free versions. I have listed quality fonts available for you to showcase a retro and groovy feel in your project. Feel free to select a font that fits your needs and makes your project exceptional. 

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