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99designs Review

Are you looking for a good and creative graphic designer for your new project? Or are you just starting your career as a graphics designer? Are you looking to earn that extra amount of cash by doing something extra besides your work? Then 99designs is the place to go. In this article, I will give you an in-depth review of 99designs.

What is 99designs?

Just think about a creative platform. By that, I mean a place you can share all of your creative imaginations and ideas. Now, 99designs is the global online platform which enables designers and clients to work with each other effectively.

Here clients can hire designers and designers can get jobs and show their skills. 99designs was created for any individual who is looking for high-quality custom designs, and it is also a platform for talented designers who are looking for projects to work on.

99designs helps connecting good quality designers with clients who may choose among different type of designs skills sets. Those may include creating logos, business cards, t-shirts, and many other sorts of designs work according to the client’s preference.

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The platform offers a unique tool which is termed as a Designer Search tool which helps you connect with the designers by taking in account a variable amount of different expertise and will match you with one who meets your requested skill level, requirements, and availability.

Why Should You Use 99designs?

One of the best reasons to use 99designs is if you are searching for a designer who will help you create a logo, website, flyer, or different sorts of artwork for your project. To find the perfect candidate for your job, you can simply type in your demands which you think are essential to complete your job successfully.

Your search query will give you several options of designers to choose from, and from those, you can narrow down your selection to the one that is the best candidate for your job. One of the unique 99designs features is that you can run contests.

For example, if you are looking to hire a graphic designer and you want to get more than one design variation for your project, you can start a contest. It is fantastic to see designers compete and submit their best work for you.

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To start a design contest, type in your preference and the way you want proposed designs to be presented. The designers who will meet your requirements will be able to enter the competition. Between those, you can choose who is the winner of the contest by judging the quality of the given designs.

Keep in mind you can only use the design of the contest winner; in other words, you are allowed to use only the design you paid for and not all the different submitted designs. Besides that, you can run exclusively run one contest for one specific design job.

For example, if you want to run a single contest for the project where you need a logo, website, and business card altogether, this can’t be done with the 99designs platform because this type of competition is tough to manage and to keep track of. So, you will need to run a single contest for one specific design job at the time.

You can work with the winner of your current contest, or you can start a new competition once your current one is finished and taken care off. 99designs is strict about their rules and regulations. Any attempt to misuse their site will result in banning you from their platform, or they will take other necessary actions against you.

What Benefit Does 99designs Have For a Designer?

One of the best things about 99designs is you can get hired instantly. By that I mean you will simply open an account as a designer and you will be able to compete in design contests straightaway. The best thing about participating in competitions on 99designs is a tremendous increase in your design skills.

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If you are a beginner graphic designer and you are new in this industry, I suggest you open up a 99designs account immediately. It might be challenging to get hired at first, but you will learn new things, and gather experiences which will help you win the future competitions.

When I started working as a graphic designer, I became a member of 99desings and the experience I gathered at that time, helped me build my design portfolio, which helped me find my first job as a graphic designer.

I advise you to take part in as many contests as you can, besides that try competing in different categories, and find out which one suits you best. Do not get discouraged if you are not winning in the beginning but go in with a mindset that you are polishing your design skills with every try.

There might be some contests that you cannot enter because you do not meet the requirements set by the client, but there are so many different ones running on the platform that I’m sure you will find at least a dozen of different ones where you can participate in.

freelancer drawing logo concepts in a notebook

Now if you are a professional graphic designer with a full-time job, you can earn some extra cash with competing on 99desings. Some designers became so successful on the platform that they left their day jobs and focused on working only for 99design clients.

The system works like this: once you win the contest, you will get paid, and also the client might hire you directly for any future jobs.

I cannot stretch enough how vital the 99designs platform is for the graphic designing field. 99designs, in some way, revolutionized the industry. Because of this platform, graphic designers from all over the world can find projects to unleash their creativity on and people looking to hire one can do it effortlessly. 

The Pros And Cons of Hiring a Freelance Designer on 99designs


The best thing about freelance designers is they are paid on a project to project basis, unlike in-house designers who have a fixed salary at the end of the month. So on 99designs platform, you pay freelances per project.

This way of hiring a designer is useful because you might have different projects which require different skills. Now, if you have an in-house graphic designer, he or she would have to learn a new skill for the specific project and apply it in the best way possible.

freelancer making a sketch in his notebook

On the other hand, if you are working with a freelance graphic designer, you can pick and choose the one who has a specific skill set needed for the particular project. This will make things more effective and smoother for you.

Another good thing about freelance graphic designers is, you will only hire them when you have a project to work on, unlike with in-house designers, who get paid every month even if there is nothing to design.

To be honest, if you can’t employ the full-time designer, freelance graphic designers make things smoother and more comfortable.


One of the drawbacks of working with freelance graphic designers is, they will not be as familiar with your brand as in-house designers. So you need to make sure they have been briefed well about the particular project.

There is a huge market for freelance graphics designer available, and you need to judge and clarify who will be the best fit for your task because it is a bit difficult to find out who is the perfect freelancer before you start working with them.

meeting with the director

Another downside to working with a freelancer is their unavailability for any sudden meetings. Also, if they are currently working on other projects, they might decline any last-minute tasks.

Final thoughts on 99designs review

99designs is one of the best platforms out there which connects clients and designers. I suggest you sign up and hire the preferred designer for your project and if you are a designer search for a gig that fits best your talents.

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