Art Deco Fonts

Visual art, design, and architecture rose to popularity during the 1920s as a result of the Art Deco movement. As for the fonts themselves, they combine opposing creative influences and have a common goal in mind-to be contemporary.

A mix of geometric designs, vivid colors, and excellent craftsmanship first debuted in France just before World War I. Then it spread over the globe, earning the name “Art Deco.” People got fascinated by this novel idea in everything from common products to jewelry, art, and architecture.

Even in modern times, Art Deco is associated with wealth, glamor, and the desire for technical advancement. The fonts in this collection have several intriguing characteristics, such as vibrant colors and expressive geometric and flamboyant shapes, which add to their appeal. In addition to these qualities, this font also has a range of other features that give it the ability to remain popular.

As a result, we have compiled a list of the 20 best art deco fonts to help you create your own amazing retro typography in the digital world of today in order to provide you with some inspiration on how to create such amazing retro typography in the digital world of today.

20 Art Deco Fonts To Use For Your Next Project


The adaptable Akros Art Deco font is ideal for branding initiatives, magazine headings, and product packaging. This typeface supports multiple languages and has 4 weights, 51 ligature glyphs, 6 frames, lines, and Photoshop styles.

akros art deco font


This is a typeface from the art deco era, and it is in the form of a sans-serif. Avenida is a distinctly vintage typeface that is usually well-spaced, elegant and has a definite art deco look. There are many capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation marks.

This font can be optimized for large sizes. There are many uses for this typeface, including movie titles, posters, traditional restaurant menus, Youtube covers, publications, and other uses.

avenida font

Billionaire Club

An art deco serif font called Billionaire Club is ideal for a variety of tasks, including home furnishings designs, branding, product packaging, headings, magazines, etc. Uppercase characters, digits, punctuation, and symbols are all included in this typeface.

This flexible typeface also includes six frames, lines, alternate glyphs for each letter, and language support. You may use this typeface as a nice text overlay to any backdrop image and it works well in both large and small sizes.

Billionaire Club art deco serif font


The BogArt typeface is an art deco font that was inspired by French visual arts, French architecture, and French design. A geometrically appealing font with more than 270 variant letters and ligatures is called BogArt. It supports punctuation, numbers, and comprehensive guidelines for using the alternative letters.

BogArt modern font


You may want to consider this font if you’re looking for a traditional art deco font. There are a variety of projects that can benefit from Burges’ serif art deco typeface, including publications targeted to high-end audiences, posters, movie titles, YouTube covers, social media page covers, etc.

Regular spacing is present in this serif typeface with enlargement possibilities. Due to its abundance of capital and lowercase letters, digits, and punctuation marks, it can be used for a variety of design needs.

burges typography

Cesso Ligature Serif

With this contemporary serif font with a vintage feel, your designs will have a retro art deco feel. The modern serif font Cesso features three styles, uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, and multilingual support. It also has a lot of ligatures.

This typeface also comes with 75 unique ligatures, a sharp stem alternative, a gothic star alternative, and other style sets. It is the perfect typeface for providing your posters, print, publications, headlines, branding, and much more an exquisite appearance.

casso modern serif font


Here is a chic condensed serif font with an art deco vibe, a variety of stylistic ligatures, and alternate characters. Among other projects, Clementia is a terrific typeface for café menus, branding, wedding invites, magazine headings, and posters.

There are two variations of this font: regular and italic. Additionally, you receive over 900 glyphs, stylistic alternatives, manicules, and many other features that aid in giving your typography a distinctive and genuine character.

clementia stylish serif font

Decorative Alathena

Introducing a font that was influenced by the French art period from art nouveau to art deco. Alathena is a decorative font with two styles, six font weights (thin, extra light, light, standard, bold, and extremely bold), and two font sizes. Additionally, this typeface has over 400 swash characters, complicated ligatures, small capitals, and alternate glyphs.

Additionally, you receive compatibility for multiple languages with this magnificent font family.

Professional design applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, or Inkscape are all compatible with the stylistic alternatives in this set.

Alathena font family


Designed with geometric shapes and forceful strokes, Delauney has a clean and minimalist appearance. The design is reminiscent of Art Deco from the 1920s. Three types of all-caps fonts are available: standard, shadow, and catchwords.

Furthermore, this typeface includes numerals, punctuation, stylistic alternatives, and multilingual support, which help the reader visualize elegance, riches, and a sumptuous appearance. Numerous things can be written with this font, including titles, headings, typography, labels, quotations, logotypes, etc.

delauney art deco inspired font


This font portrays a high-class, timeless, and refined vintage vibe throughout. In addition to having standard spacing, Decoera can be optimized for a large display or poster sizes.

Both uppercase and lowercase letters are included, as well as punctuation and numbers. The font Decoera can be used in posters, vintage cafe menus, Youtube covers, magazines, social networking page covers, and more.

decoera serif typography


Give your design a sophisticated look with an art deco-inspired style. You can add glimmer and joy to your holiday layouts with Decohead, a distinctive and feminine art deco typeface perfect for wedding invitations and stationery holiday cards, and more.

The font comes in three weights, with uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, glyphs, and many more features. This font is a sans-serif typeface with a choice of regular or condensed spacing. Due to its many elements, this typeface is perfect for designs that require a glitzy and ornamental atmosphere.

decohead sophisticated font


Modern sans serif art deco font Fonseca draws inspiration from the typography of the early 20th century. includes 7 languages, 8 weights, 345 glyphs, and stylistic alternates and ligatures.

The Fontesca family consists of 16 types and eight weights of art deco fonts. Originally inspired by art deco posters and early 20th-century typography, it is a contemporary sans serif typeface.

One of the font’s distinguishing features is that all caps have straight, geometric shapes and updated letterforms. Its contemporary and vintage aesthetic makes it perfect for posters, headlines, branding initiatives, logos, publications, and packaging.

fonseca sans serif font


A hand-drawn art deco typeface that’s perfect for simple characters is Kenzira. Use this lovely vintage-style font to add appeal to your logos, name cards, magazine layouts, and invitation heads.

Regular, bold, and oblique sans serif fonts with capital and lowercase letters are all included in the Kenzira clean edition. Instead of symbols, this font set includes a list of numbers. This font family supports multiple languages in its multilingual capabilities.

kenzira hand-drawn art deco typeface


In line with the art deco movement, Pochter is a normally-spaced sans-serif typeface. Because it includes capitals and lowercase characters, numerals, punctuation, and multilingual support, this typeface is suitable for a wide range of design needs.

pochter display font

Rectory Display

The Rectory font has art deco influences and includes characters, unusual ligatures, and glyphs that will make your projects stand out. The typeface belongs to the sans-serif family and is intended for large (display/poster) formats. You can use it to create magazine titles, logos, invitations, branding, quotes, blogs, posters, and advertisements.

rectory display font


A compressed font with a touch of Art Deco is called Rocketeers. It has a strong artistic lettering style and is influenced by old-age texts from the 1930s. Some of the alternate designs can be altered so that you can experiment with various usage patterns. This typeface collection is ideal for clean design, branding, magazine covers, posters, invitation cards, and other print materials. The font set can also be used as a straightforward text overlay over any background image.

rocketeers art deco type

Sans Saveur

Meet a font with art deco and French café influences. Modern art deco font Saveur Sans has clear, straightforward letterforms that feel contemporary while having a retro art deco flavor. Besides having four different display styles—bold, light, regular, and semi-bold—it also offers some nice variations.

This font’s ability to bring refinement to any print or online layout is one of its intriguing qualities. This font’s numerous qualities make it ideal for headlines, logotypes, branding, and other uses.

saveur sans modern display family


The Serendior Art Deco font and pattern set is a stunning typeface and pattern collection that was inspired by the 1920s Art Deco movement and its ornamental arts. The block and stroke styles of this font are also available. The typeface contains over 400 glyphs and supports English, Cornish, Dutch, and French letters.

serendior deco-rative typeface

Pontiac Inline

With the help of this layered art deco font, you can transform your typography into a striking project. The perfectly balanced Pontiac Inline typeface is excellent for enhancing your projects and adding a unique, contemporary vibe.

Regular, inner, 3D, and shadow fonts are all included in this font bundle. The appealing feature of this typeface is that you may alter the interior color while still adding a 3D or shadow impression.

pontiac inline layered font


Only capital letters are used in the display font known as Voltdeco VO2. Using this typeface with short sentences or words that are accompanied by medium or regular text will work well. Voltdeco typeface can be used to create posters, movie titles, T-shirts, and social media posts.

Along with most European languages, this typeface also includes multilingual letters for Turkish, Vietnamese, and other languages.

voltdeco typography

Final Thoughts

Design professionals seeking a modern and fashionable feel to their projects can take advantage of art deco fonts for their projects. It can be challenging to find the perfect font for your project, especially if you want to convey a particular mood or feeling in your design or publication.

With art deco fonts, you can design posters, headlines, branding, logotypes, magazines, titles, social media, and even projects that are both modern and vintage. It is therefore highly recommended that you choose the font you believe will enhance the quality of your designs.

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