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Art Deco Graphic Design

What is art deco graphic design? Isn’t this the question you are asking yourself? If you are curious about art deco graphic design, then you have come to the right place because here I will explain everything you need to know about it.

To get familiar with art deco design, we need to know what art deco design really is. We need to know about all the ins and outs about art deco design, how it came to existence and the place it was first used. We need to know about all these things before we can form a final idea about art deco graphic design.

When Did Art Deco Began?

Art deco design might look like it was invented yesterday but no! The style has been around for a long time. To be precise, the technique was first used in the 1920s and gained popularity post World War 1 era.

Art deco design rose in fame and took off when advertising was starting, and it was becoming a vital tool in marketing. People loved advertising through art deco design. Everyone could see that art deco design was a significant hit with the people.

Art deco design soon became a useful tool for advertising and companies at that time started using art deco design to boost their brand image, and also it helped them in getting future customers.

top of chrysler building in black and white

One of the main reason I believe art deco design became so popular is that there are no exact rules to follow for creating art deco design and this makes it very aesthetic. So, you can create an art deco design for almost anything. Because of style simplicity and flexibility made art deco so popular.

Examples Of Art Deco Designs

The reason art deco design as of today is such significant factor in advertising, and graphic design has to do with some unique art deco designs that paved the way for these designs to be as fashionable and trendy as they are now. Some of the designs are very famous and were used for advertising some significant things.

One of the best examples of art deco design is L’Atlantique by Adolphe Mouron (A.M.) Cassandre. Yeah, “The Titanic” not the movie but the real ship and it were advertised using art deco design. Think about one of the most significant inventions at that time which was design with this style.

Maybe it was one of the reasons L’Atlantique was such a hit. Talk about advertising done right. This poster of L’Atlantique is now a classic example of art deco design, and this poster is now sold in mass production as a home décor item.

A.M. Cassandre

Roman de Tirtoff better known as Erte was a Russian illustrator and designer. He was famous for his beautiful looking images related to fashion. He used to make costumes for the Paris opera named “The Folies Bergere” a well-known cabaret-style music hall in Paris.

His illustrations related to fashion were featured in magazines covers at that time. He used to use more curved lines in his work than most art deco designers, but other elements of art deco were present in his designs. In his long and glorious career, Erte made the art deco design style more popular.

The Features Of Art Deco Design

We came to the part where we’ll take a close look at the features of Art Deco Graphic design. Otherwise, how will you recognize an art deco design if you do not know how the style looks like.

The characteristics of art deco design are extensive. Each art deco design has its features, but some general ones make an art deco design. Those features are mentioned below:

They have elements that are geometrical in shapes, and the art deco design depends a lot on the use of triangles. Let me rephrase it; triangles are an essential part of art deco design. If there are no trigonometric shapes used in the design, you will see hard rectangular forms.

art deco design pattern

One of the easiest ways to recognize the art deco design style is to look for unused space. Another feature of the art deco design is the use of sharp, bold lines that are mostly drawn with thick strokes. Sometimes, those lines are even zigzags.

An essential feature of the art deco design is the use of intense bold and contrasting colors. So, when you see an art deco design, it will inevitably pop up in your face.

The typography used in an art deco design is heavily ornamented, and the fonts are designed in such a way so that they carry a lot of visual weight. So, the typography in an art deco graphic design is bound to catch the viewer’s attention.

Some of the common elements in art deco designs are chevron patterns, mosaic styles, stylized florals and images that are mostly flattened but have more artistry in them than realism.

Where Should You Use Art Deco Graphic Design?

You might think that “Hey, this new Art Deco thing looks cool, why don’t I try it on the website I am designing?” I am going to stop you right there! Because art deco designs may look cool trendy right now but choose the right subject for this type of style.

Designing a whole website using art deco might be overdoing it. People will get confused about the information they are searching for on the site. If you want to have the high retention for your website, the information must be presented in the simplest way possible, and art deco design style might have the opposite effect.

art deco style flyer design for a jazz club

But on the flipside, if you are throwing a party and you are designing an invitation card for that party, the art deco design is the right style for it.

Different design types such as invitation cards, posters, some simple logos and projects that are heavily based on typography would look great in art deco design style. This style would also look great on one-off projects like posters for an art exhibition

The Art Deco Trend

The art deco graphic design has a sort of attractiveness to it. The way it is detailed and elegant looking at the same time. It has elements that are very bold and which gives a solid foundation for the design. That, in turn, helps the message of the design to stand out and fulfill its purpose.

Though art deco design may be a trend at the moment, it has been around for more than 100 years. Most designs trends will be forgotten as soon as the new trends arise, but for art deco style design we can say that it has survived the test of time.

Final Words

I love working with designs and projects where I can use art deco graphic design. They do not require a lot of time, but they need quite a bit of skill and creativity. I would suggest if you are starting a project with this style of design, stick with the basics. That will help you a lot.

Because the basics give you a firm foundation on which you can build your project on with the art deco graphic design style.

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