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Best Desk for Artists

The desk is one of the most crucial things in your workspace, and if it does not function correctly, your creative workflow will suffer and affect your end design.

The working desk is more than just a desk where you make your art. It should also help you with task management acceleration, ease the workplace organization, and allow you to work seamlessly.

Because I’m aware of how important is a suitable working surface, I have composed the list of the six best desks for artists to create their work as efficiently and pleasurable as possible.

Let’s begin with the first option on the list.

1. ZENY Height Adjustable Table For Artsts

Not only it gives you the option of tilting the main 34″ x 23.6″ drawing surface up to 45 degrees, but this model also offers height adjustability of 28″-35.8″. This option is excellent for every artist who wants to tailor their drawing area’s height to their needs.

The table surface sits on the sturdy iron legs padded with rubber feet that won’t leave any scratches on the floor. Not only those rubber feet are floor-friendly, but they also add to the stability, so the table won’t move around while you’re creating your masterpiece.

You can grab a pencil or a brush from a handy pen container that inclines together with the top.

ZENY Height Adjustable Art Desk

Art supplies you don’t use often can be kept in two pull-out drawers placed under the main drawing surface. The oversized art material can be put on the meshed iron compartment mounted between the desk legs.

This desk also comes with a padded stool for some additional working comfort.

Now let’s get to my favorite feature of this ZENY desk – an additional 23.6” x 15” top. The extra top is really convenient. It’s like having two monitors while making digital designs that speed up your working process. You can use the added surface for sitting your laptop on or as an additional drawing area.

The Desk Downside

This artist desk doesn’t have a significant downside. The only thing that I don’t like, and I’m a bit nit-picky, is the textile material of the two pull-out drawers. Considering that some supplies might pierce it, and the fabric also wears out more quickly.

2. Two-Piece Comet Art Table

It has a work surface of 36 x 23.75 inches and an overall dimension of 50’’W x 23.75’’D x 29.5’’H. You can move the top from a flat surface to a maximum of 40 degrees. In this way, you can work with ease and adjust the angle of the desk according to your desires.

The overall design is industrial-looking, and it’s pretty robust, so it will remain still while working. Do you need to keep your pencils at hand? No problem, the table comes with a 24” pencil ledge that will hold all your art tools.

2 Piece Comet craft table

This art desk comes with a small side shelf that sits on the top of three fabric side drawers. But this auxiliary top is not as big as the first option on this list. Nonetheless, drawers offer plenty of storage room to stash all your artworks and art instruments.

If you don’t have a spare chair you usually work on, do not panic! The set comes with a 20-inch padded stool, which may not be the most comfortable you’ve ever sit on, but it gets the job done.

If you fill the shelf and drawers with your designs, you can also keep them on the bottom 15.5 x 14.25-inch shelf. You don’t need any power tools to assemble the table. Instead, the user manual will guide you through all of the assembly steps so that you can put the table together effortlessly.

You’re not limited to only one color choice for this art table. Still, it comes in seven color combinations that you can choose among.

The Desk Downside

Like the first option, this Comet Art Table also doesn’t have any significant handicaps. Again I’m being overcritical. The drawer material is made from textile, which has the same drawbacks as the previous art table option. Also, the bottom ledge is not closed, so some art tools might drop off.

3. Studio Designs Catalina Craft Table

If you’re looking for an elegant and sophisticated-looking desk, this one is a perfect choice for you. Different combined materials of the tabletop and legs contribute to its professional appearance.

Unlike the previous options that might be heavy and difficult to move around, you can freely reposition it to a different place. That’s a great feature if you’re tight on space.

Studio Designs Catalina craft table

The glass plane might look delicate, but the tempered glass can handle a weight of 25 lbs. In addition, you can set it to up to 30 degrees for better work efficiency. It also comes with a 20″ slide-up steel ledge that will support your art tools.

The 40 inches of length and 23 inches of depth give you enough working surface to create your magnificent art with maximum comfort.

The Desk Downside

Every artist needs a place to store all of their supplies and artwork. But this model doesn’t offer any storage place, so you have to stash all of your art material somewhere else, which is a bit inconvenient. Another downside of this table is that only a glass surface can be titled, but not the side area.

4. Kealive Art Desk

If you’re looking for a sleeker and durable design, the next option on this list might be the one. The design team of this desk went with a glass top and reinforced the iron legs with X-cross for additional stability.

As a result, you won’t make any drawing mistakes because the table will stay in place while you work. Designers also made a structure out of steel, which means additional durability and prevents any corrosion.

Kealive X-Cross Glass Top table for artists

This desk comes with two drawers where you can put all your art supplies. But if you want to keep your pencil and brushes at hand, you can place them in the two removable trays next to the tempered glass desktop. The stationery tray lifts together with the tabletop and can recline up to 45 degrees.

The working area measures 37.8’’×23.6’’, so you can easily work on larger paper formats. Like all the models listed, this one comes with a pencil ledge to keep your supplies in place and nearby.

Another convenient feature is placed under the tabletop. No, I’m not talking about the stool, but about the slidable storage panel where you can also put your art supplies.

The Desk Downside

If you’re going to buy this model from Amazon, don’t get fooled by the picture. This model does not come with the stool.

5. ZENY Glass Top Adjustable Drawing Desk

As the name suggests, this is another glass desk on our list. This model offers one of the best reclining angles – up to 60 degrees.

Compared to the previously mentioned Catalina glass table, this one looks more sturdy. Also, it can stand a weight up to 99 lbs. Its sturdy nature illustrates another quality- durability, so it will last for years to come.

ZENY Glass Top craft station table

This glass model comes with 4 wheels, making it easy to relocate it to a different place once you stop working. Do not worry. The table won’t move around by itself because its locking system will keep it in place.

On both sides of the glass surface, you have different compartments for your brushes and pencils placement. Besides that, it inclines together with the desktop. If you need more space for all of your sketches and equipment, you can place them into two convenient hanging drawers.

The Desk Downside

The installation might be complicated, but once you install it works well and seamlessly.

6. SD STUDIO DESIGNS Wood Drawing Table

This model is for everyone that would like to enrich their working area with a minimalist-looking art table. You can choose between two material toppings. A traditional wood option matches the entire table flawlessly, or you can go with a glass topping to make things even more modern.

SD-STUDIO DESIGNS wood art table

This desk for artists offers you 8 different reclining angles you can set it to. The maximum inclination of the desktop is 30 degrees.

You can store all your art supplies into the drawer that is nicely tucked under the drawing surface. The 42″ W x 24″ D working surface comes with a ledge that holds your drawing material when you use it.

The Desk Downside

Despite being made from solid wood, this artist table is not the sturdiest on the list. So I would recommend it to an artist that won’t use it 24/7 but still wants a minimalistic piece of furniture to create their works on.

Comparison Of The Best Desk For Artists

TitleZENY Height Adjustable TableTwo-Piece Comet Art TableStudio Designs Catalina Craft TableKealive Art DeskZENY Glass Top DeskSD STUDIO DESIGNS Wood Drawing Table
Table Surface Size (LxW)34″ x 23.6″36’’ x 23.75’’10″ x 23.75″ flat panels and one 20″ x 23.75″ Glass Top37.8’’×23.6’’41.25” x 24“42″ x 24″
Adjustment AngleUp to 45°Up to 40°Up to 30°Up to 45°Up to 60°Up to 30°
Number of Drawers230220
Item Weight 60.63 Pounds52.8 pounds32 pounds45.4 Pounds46 Pounds41 pounds
Height Adjustment28″-35.8″00000
Stool IncludedYesYesNoNoNoNo

Final Words: Best Desk for Artists

I’ve added different desk options for every artist’s tastes and uses. You can choose and go with a more sturdy option, or you can pick the one that you can effortlessly move around. No matter which model you select, I wish you to create many fabulous artworks on it in the future.

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