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How to Change Your Career To a Graphic Design

Changing a career is not simple, and at times is a scary move. Few people would dare attempt to change their jobs since no one is able to predict the outcome. At times the outcome can be disastrous or it can lead to a prosperous life changing career.

You may ask if it is a wise decision to change a career entirely or partly but graphic design is not for every person who feels like changing their career.

Before you switch to graphic design, it is advisable to conduct a personal inventory, identify your skills and talents that can be incorporated to become a successful designer after a career change.

What Might Lead You to Change Your Career to Graphic Design?

If you feel that you have what it takes to become a professional graphic designer, there are some aspects that one should understand to have a strong foundation in the designing career.

1. Learning Will be a Frequent Thing

When one becomes a graphic designer, learning new concepts should be a daily thing, and you must be ready to embrace new ideas that may arise.

You must also be a self-driven person and be ready to learn from mistakes, they only strengthen your abilities and create a broad experience in design.

2. Design Will Always be in Demand

The world of technology is evolving at a high rate, and we all know that one day some of the jobs that are done manually will be done by machines, i.e., in the manufacturing industry whereby it has already started, the robots are doing all the assembly work from welding to painting.


However, in graphic design, you can be assured that you will never be replaced by a machine since the design will always require human intervention and creativity.

3. Design Opens up Various Career paths that are Design Related.

Graphic design is a career that opens up new opportunities, this is because graphic design co-relates with many media related careers.

For instance, one might prefer to major in editorial design, which might later lead you to publishing editor job and eventually a creative manager in some organizations.

4. Designing will boost your Problem-Solving Skills

I remember Steve Jobs remarks as he said how creativity is vital in all business fields, “technology is not enough alone, but when technology marries with liberal arts and humanities the yields makes our hearts sing” 

“Technology is not enough alone, but when technology marries with liberal arts and humanities the yields makes our hearts sing” – Steve Jobs

Graphic design career will enhance your problem-solving skills since you will be forced to see issues in the bigger picture and if your designs are the best, then it will add value to your client’s projects.

In this case, graphic design natures your skills in a fast way compared to other careers in the world so long as you can solve client’s problems and address their marketing needs with your designs.

5. It is Enjoyable and Promotes Team Work Which Creates a Broad Spectrum of New Ideologies

Designers work as a team which is the best way to solve problems. When you become a graphic designer, you have the privilege to meet other professionals who might be of help such as copywriters, sales marketers, and other PR professionals.

graphic design team

This enhances your ability to relate to people from different personalities and be a team player.

6. You Have the Freedom to Dress Informally

There is no pressure on designer to wear formally in most organizations. It is argued that you cannot be creative and be struggling with a suit and tie like in other careers. Therefore, it is widely accepted for designers to dress casually.

7. Your Graphic Design Career Path is Adventurous

A graphic design career can take you places that you have never thought it would be possible to visit. You might be lucky enough to secure a designing job across the globe or end up having your own branding company.

Possibilities in graphic designing career are ENDLESS.

8. You Could See Your work in Lights

One may feel great and satisfied when you see your work on billboards or in a magazine. The feeling of satisfaction can be amazingly overwhelming once you inspire many people.

iPhoneX billboard

For instance, how would you feel when you see your work on posters along the road or global magazines? Your creativity glowing in the night lights of a billboard for everyone to see.

9. You Will Change the Way You See the World.

If you are a designer, you will see things differently since your job becomes part of your life.

A designer will be inspired by everything they come across and will adopt ideas for his future projects having picked up different inspirations over time.

Design inspires new perspectives and ideas and makes you as a designer to go out there and discover new concepts that will serve as an inspiration for your future work.

10. You Will Never Stop Being Inspired

Once you master the art of design, you will always be inspired daily since new trends will emerge keeping you well updated and you will never be able to predict new directions that may come about, and this will truly inspire you.

This is a job for the adventurous since you will never spend long periods doing the same style and you will always have small incremental design concepts that will radically alter your work on a continuous basis.

What it Entails to be a Graphic Designer

Graphic designs also referred to as communication design since the graphic designers are involved in a lot of visual communication, and they create visual concepts using computer software.

Their main task is to communicate inspiring ideas, inform consumers of certain products and captivate consumers through visual art forms, i.e., images, words or other related graphical ideas.

graphic designer drawing a concept

This means that it is not enough for a designer to simply create graphics, they must be articulate in conveying the intended message properly.

The primary objective of a graphic designer is to make the organization which they represent recognizable and prominent by using various media platforms. The media includes fonts, shapes, colors, images, and animations.

Key Things That a Graphic Designer Must Observe

Graphic designers must be aware of new trends in the graphic designing world.A designer should be able to create designs that are captivating and interesting to consumers.

Designers must communicate with clients and customers effectively to ensure that their designs are accurately reflected, and the desired message is effectively communicated.

What is the Workplace of a Graphic Designer Like?

Graphic designer can work from anywhere, but there are some common environments whereby many designers work from such as in-house, agency, and freelance.

Where Can One Find Graphic Design Inspiration

It can be tough trying to get the right inspiration to build up a unique art for a client, one thing a person should do is to put yourself in the client’s shoes to open up your creative mind.

Graphic designers are like visual sales associates, and therefore one must be able to persuade the client about his or her product.

client meeting

It is advisable for an aspiring graphic designer to look into other designers work and see their products and services so as one can come up with new ideas.

A great designer synthesizes different works of peers and comes up with unique designs.

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