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Companies That Use Graphic Designers

Graphic design is a multifaceted profession. It has so many fields and specializations, such as Web Design or Editorial Design. That’s why a graphic designer can work almost everywhere. There are many companies that use graphic designers. They go from Internet and Software Development to Television Studios and Video Production Companies.

If you’re reading this, maybe you want to study graphic design, and before starting to talk about the companies that use graphic designers, it’s a good idea to first talk about graphic design itself.

Graphic design is a profession that wants to send a visual message to specific social groups with a determined purpose.

The purposes are very diverse. They go from promoting a product, motivating the clients to buy it, or it can be to simply entertain an audience to improve the interactivity or functionality of a system.

In the communication between a company and its clients, the designers’ job is to encode or transmit the message. They have to interpret, organize and present the information in a harmonic and attractive way.

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Due to the huge and fast growth of dynamic data exchange, there is an increase in the demand for graphic designers. That growth allows the rise of new technologies and human factors that the engineers can’t solve.

The most common graphic design areas are editorial, web, brand identity, advertising and marketing, packaging, and multimedia design. We already talked about them in a different article.

A designer hardly ever works alone. The majority of the time they need the help of other professionals, some of them related to visual messages like photographers or painters, and others not so much, like programmers or psychologist.

About history, there isn’t an accord of the origins of graphic design. The concept and the objectives of a graphic designer are pretty new. The first one to use this term was William Addison Dwiggins in 1922.

Graphic design is related to every visual thing such as road signs, menus, and memorandums. It’s also related to the brand elements like logo, colors, and typography. Here, the main goal is to transmit the values and philosophy of the company.

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When the purpose of graphic designers is to entertain, they can develop and organize comics, novels, vinyl album or DVD covers, newspapers, magazines, books, and everything that is printed. Nowadays, they can develop digital products too. They can even design artworks meant to be used on t-shirts.

Designing isn’t an innate ability. It comes after years of education, practice, and reflection. Creativity, intuition and innovating ideas are the key to be a good designer.

Skills That Every Graphic Designer Needs

A graphic designer needs some applied skills to do their job, but they aren’t everything they need. Communication is pretty important too. Designers need to know how to preserve their job and their client’s ideas.

The applied skills aren’t as difficult as they may seem. But they have to be properly used. If they aren’t, the final work would not result as you want. These simple, and necessary techniques are:

  • Typography: it’s the set of techniques that allows designers to create types to make written language legible, appealing, and readable. The term is also applied to the modification and correct application of the existent types.
  • Page layout: basically is the part of graphic design in charge of the arrangement of visual elements on a page. Designers need to know about composition to achieve the communicational objectives.
  • Printmaking: it is the ability to create printed artworks, almost always on paper. This involves the creation of original prints, not only the reproduction of photographs.

These aren’t all the techniques, just the most common ones. There are other skills like the use of colors pallets and visual communication. A lot of the time they need to know about programming and even psychology and sociology.

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As we said before, not everything is about their abilities. They need to know the correct use of some tools, most of them relating to computers and software. The most common ones are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Pixie.

Those are programs to organize the composition of the page, to create new images or to modify the existent ones.

Companies That Use Graphic Designers

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a job as a graphic designer. Nowadays, only 64.3% of graphic designers find a job in their first year after graduation. Meanwhile, only 72.7% do it in their second year.

Those numbers could be scary for many people. We can’t forget graphic design is one of those careers that are saturated. Besides that, there are many opportunities every day for designers. Graphic design has many fields and specializations, and this means a lot of work opportunities.

holding board with custom lettering

There are many companies growing up pretty fast. Those ones offer many opportunities to the newbies and, at the same time, they need the experience of the older ones.

Before you start looking for them, you need to know which ones are the most common companies that use graphic designers and how they use them.

Advertising Firms

This is one of the best choices for new designers to prove their knowledge. Advertising firms usually need printed and digital material. Designers need to use images and typography in a way that can convince the clients to buy a product.

Here, designers need to organize marketing campaigns for a product, and they can even create the packaging for it. Creating a package isn’t an easy task; it needs to be usable and attractive at the same time. It’s a work that an industrial designer can’t do alone.

Internet and Software Development Companies

Nowadays, creating a website involves more than typing a code. Websites need to enhance their usability by producing graphic and visual representation. Programmers aren’t as talented as designers for those things.

companies that use graphic designers: web design company

Not only that, but a website has to also be focused on improving the user experience. This means users need to enjoy being on the website. This is possible by designing a better interface, and that is a job for the designer.

Communication Companies in General

There are two types of communication firms, the ones that use not-printed information and those that use printed information. Television studios and video production companies usually need multimedia designers to create ads. Not everyone can find a way to use moving images, logos, and slogans at the same time. The final ads have to be understandable, harmonic, attractive, and they have to transmit the correct message.

The enterprises that use printed information, like newspapers, magazines or books, need the abilities of an editorial designer to organize all the information and make it work.


Creating a brand involves more than just making a logo. Designers need to establish and transmit the values of the firm. They also need to create every visual component related to it, like uniforms, mascots, color palettes and, of course, a logo. Every day there are new companies that need these services.

branding of a beer company

Designers need a lot of creativity and persuasion to do this job. They don’t have to design just a pretty logo or something; they need to catch the clients’ attention and make them come back for more.

Designers can also work as freelance designers or in a design studio. All this depends on your skills and where you feel comfortable. Remember, these aren’t all the companies that use graphic designers, they’re just the most common ones. This is just to give you an idea of what a designer can do and where they can work.

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