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How To Create a Portfolio With Wix?

If you want to find out how to create a Wix portfolio, you’ve come to the right place! Are you a graphic designer who wants to expand your online presence? Then Wix is an excellent choice.

In this article, I will tell you all about how to create an outstanding portfolio with the help of Wix, but before we jump into that, let’s see what Wix is.

What Is Wix?

With millions of registered users, Wix is one of the most popular online platforms and is predominantly used by people who want to effortlessly build different websites.

It really has no limitations on what type of website you’d like to make, and you can choose to create a portfolio, a blog, or even an online store. It has a user-friendly interface, and it is hassle-free to use even for the biggest web analphabets.

You can choose among different themes and options, which will help you customize your portfolio to your wishes in the most trouble-free way. So any worries that your site will look the same as your biggest design nemesis is redundant.

Why Do You Need an Online Portfolio?

One of the advantages of having an online portfolio is that anyone can access it even from the most hidden places on the earth and enjoy your designs.

So if you want to be successful in this industry or any business, in general, you need outreach. There is no better way of achieving that with a professional-looking online portfolio. Wix is here to help you create one.

Now imagine a scenario where you hand out hard copies of your portfolio to every person in your area. What would your outreach be? Maybe a few thousand, perhaps?

How many of those people will contact you and order your service? Let’s be optimistic here, and let’s say maybe 10%? In reality, this percentage is even lower because not everyone you hand out your portfolio needs a professional design service.

Besides that, you shouldn’t neglect the cost of making those portfolios. The expenses of making them would probably be astronomical!

On the other hand, you can lunch a Wix webpage with zero costs. Suppose you want to connect your domain custom, have 3GB of storage, upload 30 min videos. In that case, you can do it for $13 a month, which is around the price of ONLY ONE printed portfolio.

Besides being a cost-effective choice, think about how many people you can reach with an online site? Not only thousands but millions.

The main benefit of having an online portfolio is that people who visit your site will be interested in hiring a graphics designer because they are intentionally searching for this kind of service, and 90% of them are already potential clients.

If we draw a line, you need an online portfolio to reach potential clients and showcase your designs to the rest of the world. Besides that, you can also get feedback from other designers, which will help you grow your skills.

Why You Should Choose Wix For Online Porfolio?

Many online platforms can help you build your portfolio website, but why would you choose Wix and not another website builder?

Ok, let me break it down why is Wix so distinctive:

1. Choices

Wix offers a wide variety of templates, which you can choose among depending on the field you are in.

2. Customizability

Wix provides complete template customizability, which lets you tailor your design portfolio uniquely and creatively.

3. Editor

Don’t worry about writing code. Wix has a simple editor which enables you to make portfolio tweaks effortlessly.

4. Multiple Grid As a Layout

You have the option of creating multiple grid-looking websites that will let you all the visual elements neatly organized.

5. Features

If you want to highlight the best parts of your portfolio, you can put them, for example, in a slide show. In other website builders, you’d need a plugin to make one, but not with Wix, you can do that with a few clicks, and you’re done.

6. 24/7 customer service:

If you’re confused about something, go ahead and contact their live chat customer service, they are available for your assistance 24/7.

How To Create a Portfolio With Wix?

1. Research

Do research on how other graphic designers have created their web portfolios. Explore their style and what you would improve in their online work presentation.

When designing your webpage, don’t forget to include all the information you’ve gathered in the research.

2. Choose Your Category

There are different templates available according to the category you choose. Because you’ll be creating a portfolio, go through the Portfolio and CV category and find the one that suits your needs.

If you don’t find a suitable free Wix theme that would fulfill your needs, you can check out Wix premium themes, which you can purchase for $149

Wix categorizes the templates based on the industry, and when you choose one, the themes will be listed from the most popular to the least.

3. Use Your Creativity

You have to put creativity to work to create the perfect design for your website. Do not let the pre-made templates limit your artistry, but try to use different tools and design your site in the way you want it.

An assortment of different customization options is the most powerful feature of Wix and the main reason why it is so unique in building a portfolio website with it.

So play around with the different options and find out which ones are perfect for you.

4. Content On Your Website

You need to think of the content you’ll place on your portfolio’s main page and every subpage. Every detail on the pages needs to be exciting and should tell something relevant about your personality and skills.

Another thing you should look after is the number of subpages on the website, don’t make too many of them.

Focus on the most important ones. Such as a page with all your designs, the about me page, so people can find more about who you are, and a contact page where future clients can contact you and order your services.

Website visitors should find all the essential information on your site with ease. That’s why your primary focus should be keeping the website as minimalistic as possible without any unnecessary clutter, so do not place needless text and elements on it.

5. Personal Info

This is the subpage of your portfolio website where you tell the visitors about yourself. It is essential to create it mindfully because everyone wants to know whose portfolio they are looking at.

Start by welcoming and greeting the visitor, then describe what led you to this industry. Besides that, don’t forget to share your working experience.

Share a few personal details about yourself, like your hobbies and values. You might think, what does sharing your hobby and values have to do with my portfolio?

By sharing a few details about yourself, you become more relatable with the visitors checking out your page. They will find out if you’re the right fit for their job. Besides that, it can also help you with SEO rankings on Google.

6. Showcase Only Your Best Designs

Display only the work you’re really proud of, so don’t showcase all the designs you’ve ever made. Because no one has the time to go through them all, it might even cause your page to load slower.

Don’t forget to list the details about the work, such as why and how you created the design, but be careful that the text doesn’t outshine the images. They still need to be a centerpiece of the site.

7. Contact Form

After the visitors have checked your creations, read all about you, and found out if you’re suitable for the job, they need to contact you somehow. The most effortless way to do so is through the contact form on your website.

Unlike some of the other similar providers integrating contact form with Wix is a breeze. You simply choose Contact from the Add Panel, and you’re done.

Don’t forget to add a contact form or a link to it at the end of the Portfolio page and the About me page.

8. Make Your Wix Portfolio Look Professional

Your portfolio should be a representation of you. Don’t be afraid to design it in a way that reflects your personality but make sure that it still looks professional in the end.

Final Words

Wix is a perfect choice to create a portfolio website with ease. You can choose between free or four premium plans, which start at $13/month. So try it out and see how easy it is to create a website with it.

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