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Female Digital Artists

Several female digital artists make designs to feast your eyes on. In this article, I’ve compiled the list of the best ones so you can draw inspiration from their work.

Genius is one percent inspiration, and the remaining ninety-nine percent is perspiration. That applies to these creative women who became famous because of their dedication to this craft.

In This Article, You Will Meet These Seven Female Digital Artists:

  • Kaya Oldaker
  • Alayna Danner
  • Yukai Du
  • Meyoco
  • Alena Tkach
  • Julia Razumova
  • Maria Poliakova

Kaya Oldaker

She is a versatile fantasy artist who creates digital art from Great Britain. She is an all-rounded fantasy illustrator who can cover many different topics with her skills. Among all the other subjects she designs, drawing dragons are her favorite thing to make.

Besides creating striking static images, she also creates 3D models and animations, which you can also find on her YouTube channel.

The surrounding hometown nature inspires her. But mother nature is not her only source of illustrations influence, but also pets and her pet plants, as she calls them.

Like all female artists on this list, Kaya creates her distinctive drawing style. She likes to experiment with colors when she makes her work of art. If you take a closer look at her designs, you can see that some are made with vibrant colors and others with more muted ones, depending on what kind of mood she wants to display.

Her fantastic art was featured in the 2012 Paralympic games with the award-winning project called “Light up the World.”
Besides following her on YouTube, you can also find her works on Instagram, her homepage, or ArtStation.

Alayna Danner

Those who think that they can not survive as freelance artists should look at Alayna.

She is a Seattle-based freelance artist. Anyone who sees her fantasy works is amazed by her breath-taking skills. She created impressive illustrations for some of the biggest games industry giants, such as Wizards of the Coast and Alderac Entertainment Group.

Moreover, she created the illustration for one of the most popular card games – Magic: The Gathering.

She is widely recognized in the book and magazine circles due to her outstanding cover artwork. Her cover art designs have been featured in Dungeons and Dragons books.

She also received an honorable mention between 637 contesters in ArtStation Awards when she took part in a challenge called 2D Environmental Art.

You can explore her extraordinary work on ArtStation, her webpage, or you can follow her on Instagram, where she frequently posts her fresh designs.

Yukai Du

Now let’s move from fantasy designs and look at the works of a digital artist that uniquely creates her design. Her name is Yukai Du, a London-based illustrator, and animator. She dived in the art world in her China hometown when she was only four years old.

At that young age, she learned how to make traditional Chinese paintings and drawings, which gave her an understanding of art fundamentals.

After high school, she applied to Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, where she learned about animation. She combined newly gained knowledge with her impressive illustrating skills.

She was eager to learn more about the craft, so she applied to Central Saint Martins in London after her graduation. While studying in the UK, she developed her distinctive style that impressed clients like Adobe Systems, Apple, WeTransfer, Facebook, New York Times, and many more.

To create her marvelous illustrations and animations, she uses darker shades of color. Making illustrations is one thing, but creating animations is an entirely different beast.

Besides working with various programs, you must also think about the element dynamics and the following sequence. Consequently, animation adds another dimension to the design process, and in this case, the artist’s creativity truly shines.

I highly recommend following Yukai Do on her Instagram and checking out her amazing animations on Vimeo. Moreover, explore her website and get some illustration and animation inspiration.


Her specialty is nostalgic art design, and only a few artists can hit the nail on the head with this style. She focuses on pastel colors and applies them to the floral elements, which can be seen almost across her designs.

She is from Indonesia. For that reason, her art figures also have a touch of Indonesian beauty in them. Her primary sources of inspiration are Japanese comics and pop culture.

meyoco digital illustration
Image source: Meyoco Instagram

She focuses on her strong points of illustration. She thoroughly studies the details before putting them onto the canvas with the ultimate perfections. She never ignores the smallest details, and she knows how to connect them in the final art form with her unique style.

Besides being an excellent digital artist, she knows how to reach the world with the help of social media. So if you want to see her latest illustrations, check her Instagram, where she posts regularly, and fill your inspirational bucket.

Alena Tkach

Alena Tkach is a freelance 2D illustrator, game artist, and animator from Ukraine. The main focus of her work is making children’s books illustrations, and she created her first one in 2014.

Besides creating an intriguing visual for books, she also made illustrations for the leading social media platform – Facebook. Among her clients are also: Penguin Random House, Fleurus, R.Culturi, Neonmob, American Greetings, International Academic Alliance.

From muted green shaded colors to flower design elements, Alena is massively inspired by nature. But nature is not the only source of her inspiration; her playful cat, fluffy alpacas, and other animals sparked some of her works.

Alena is a great storyteller, and she developed a unique style that makes her work stand out. Her designs are closer to the real world and not totally surreally like styles from other digital artists in this list.

Her unique style makes her work stand out. That is why she was given an award for Social Contribution Recognition by Panasonic x Behance Japan Tokyo Community.

Even though her art is more realistic looking, she addresses it in a way that gives room for a viewer to interpret it with his imagination.

Alena’s illustrations are worth looking at from working for well-known clients and prestigious awards. So be sure you check her Instagram or visit her home page.

Julia Razumova

Julia is not just another female digital artist; she is hyper famous for her hyper-realistic portraits. Her talent is boundless, and she creates eye-catching art, which is why she got featured on the ArtStation platform.

Not only is she a stroke of a genius, she continually improves her artistic skill. She pushes herself further to be the best digital artist one can be.

She makes her designs with a specific style. She uses greyscale colors to make the skin tones, and then she applies color balance to make them pop out.

The outcome is a jawbreaking illustration. Julia has an extraordinary eye for detail and goes the extra mile when creating her hyper-realistic-looking portraits that are difficult to distinguish from the real world.

If you like realistic artwork, visit Julias’s ArtStation page or Instagram feed, where she regularly puts out her newest eye-catching designs. With her extreme working dedication and talent, we can expect to see unique artworks in the future.

Maria Poliakova

She has been passionate about drawing for as long as she remembers. Her passion led her to get an art degree and become a professional artist.

Her favorite subject to draw is portraits, but she doesn’t limit her expertise to them; however, she likes to experiment with different themes. No matter what topic she decides to make, they all fall under the realism art genre, and she creates them with many details and colors.

I can say that the color combination used by every artist is the representation of their personality and emotions. If you look at Maria’s designs, you can conclude that she is vibrant and joyful.

Besides the use of splashing colors, another thing specific to her art style is big, emphasized eyes. As we all know, eyes are the windows to the soul. When looking at Maria’s portraits, you become completely hypnotized by their gaze.

Maria is no exception like all successful digital artists who know how to reach people with social media. She is active on her Instagram and ArtStation platforms. Besides that, she has a YouTube channel that you should absolutely take a peek at.

Final Thoughts: Female Digital Artists

These are the top female digital artists you should know about. Their illustrations might inspire your future designs, so explore their striking techniques and styles.

Another thing you should pick up from the above artists’ digital marketing skills. If you want other people to discover your beautiful artworks, invest some time in digital marketing. You will be on top of the game in no time.

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