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Freelance Graphic Design Websites to Work For

The world of graphic design has gained a lot of attention lately. Every company needs a visual identity, so they produce a lot of content for their audiences through social media platforms.

To ensure the success of this process, a common practice is paying a designer for specific jobs under the model of a freelance relationship. This is why the internet has turned into a perfect medium to connect employers and employees.

Tons of websites have been created to provide this connection, and that’s what I’m going to talk about today. This post will find everything you need to know about freelance graphic design websites to start working.

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One of the most annoying problems of being a freelancer is finding work, especially at the beginning. There are many doubts about starting, contacting employers, and deciding how much you will charge for your services.

These websites usually help because they offer specific parameters to guide beginners.

On the other hand, more experienced freelancers create their own reputation among the users of these websites and get more opportunities to get a well-paid job.

Websites specialized in design projects are the perfect match for those looking for work independence and freedom. For employers, it’s also an excellent opportunity to attract talent and forget about the traditional employer-employee relationship.

8 Best Freelance Graphic Design Websites

To guide you through the best way to succeed as a graphic designer, I’ll recommend you the top freelance graphic design websites.

1. Freelancer Marketplace for Freelancers

This website is one of the most famous sites for freelancers. As its name indicates, it is a community of freelancers getting jobs posted by tons of employees. You can find an enormous variety of topics and requirements.

Freelancer it’s not exclusively a house of graphic design. Instead, many professionals can get along in this web of experts competing and working together to solve the requests of thousands of clients.

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This website is designed by developers, writers, translators, artists, and more.

There’s permanent content with job offers posted daily as a strong point in favor. The freelancer also benefits because the employer puts the budget on the proposal.

So, with that information, you can analyze and select the perfect job based on your rates and your abilities.

2. Fiverr Freelancing Platform

This website is a place where many highly qualified professionals collide to create a community of pure gold for companies.

One of the main jobs of the marketplace they offer is Graphic Design. Still, you can also find digital marketing, writing and translation, video and animation, music and audio, programming and tech, business, and lifestyle.

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In Fiverr, freelancers can select what they want to do and post a gallery or portfolio that shows the quality of their work. Then, a company or individual interested in that service can compare the freelancers who offer the same type of products and choose one to order a job.

In addition, the administrators who run the page offer help to guarantee the best possible experience.

3. DesignCrowd Freelance Graphic Designer Website

This is the first exclusively freelance graphic design website on this list. It’s one of the most significant marketplaces for custom design. Until today, they have 639.697 designers registered and almost 300.000 completed projects.

The platform of DesignCrowd provides between 25 and 100 designs per project to each client.

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It works like this: a person launches their project indicating their budget and every characteristic of the requirement, then they will receive unique designs from the designers’ community around the world in a matter of hours, and then they choose their favorite design to proceed the download of it, acquiring all the copyrights.

In the case of freelancers, they have the chance to access unlimited clients from every corner of the world and build a career based on active online clients.

4. Guru Freelancer Community

Around 3.000.000 members confirm the freelancer community of this website. The page has the credit of a total of 1.000.000 jobs completed and 250.000.000 dollars paid to its ‘Gurus’ (as freelancers are named).

This website works with programmers, designers, artists, writers, translators, sales, marketing, administrators, secretaries, engineers, architects, lawyers, business, and finance experts.

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Graphic Design has a significant presence in Guru. Every day, clients post tons of work looking for designers. If you are a freelancer, you can check the offers and postulate yourself to accomplish the job.

Guru has an excellent paying method because you can customize it according to your needs. The client can pay per project or hour and even program the payments to be made regularly.

5. Envato Studios Place All-round Place for Designers

It’s a place for designers, developers, and creative people of all types. They provide every tool you need to raise a digital project linking freelancers and employers every day.

The freelancers upload portfolios and establish their rates, which will be evaluated by the clients as a first step to choose who will they will decide to work on a specific project. After that, the employer must provide a job brief to review their work.

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Envato Studios takes the payment and won’t release it until both the employer and the employee are satisfied with the terms.

If the client is okay with the freelancer, they both put their hands to work. Once the job is done, the employer has to approve, and Envato Studios will release the money to the employee. This method of payment makes sure that no one gets scammed.

6. Design Contests – Competition Freelance Site

Design Contests is an excellent option because it is one of the top freelance graphic design websites.

This page works under a frequent contests method. The freelancer’s community competes with each other with their designs to win the contest. The design selected by the winner will be purchased, and the designer will be paid.

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There are a lot of ambitious projects with a great budget, so competing is worth it. On the other hand, the clients receive a significant number of designs every time they launch a contest. If their budget is high, he will receive better and more high-quality designs.

7. UpWork Freelance Graphic Design Service

This website works as an ideal platform for a freelancer. It allows you to find the project that best suits your needs and abilities, then gets hired by direct contact with the client by sending them a compelling proposal. If the client likes the proposal and your profile, he will hire you.

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The rest lies in the quality of your work. Once the project finishes, you will get paid by the client through options like PayPal, Wire Transfer, or Payoneer.

8. Toptal Exclusive Freelance Network

This website is designed by advanced freelancers. If you are a beginner, this may not be the best choice. To join this network, you must apply since they only accept “great freelancers.”

Toptal works with top companies and guarantees great projects to its freelancers. If you are a member, you’ll gain access to this network full of great companies, resources, and talented companions.

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Toptal works only with developers, designers, finance experts, and project managers as a focalized website.

Among the satisfied clients are notable brands like Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, and Fox Business.

Build Your Way as A Great Freelancer

All these websites may help you find clients and better projects, but to achieve big things as a graphic design freelancer, you must have the dedication and working spirit. You may have freedom, but this work method requires responsibility and constant improvement.

Whatever freelance graphic design website you choose, you will always have clients and projects if your work is good.

Work on the quality of your designs, and the opportunities won’t stop coming.

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