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Graphic Design And Branding: The Unbreakable Bond

It is no secret that graphic design and branding go hand in hand. Today, the world prefers visuals, and that happens solely because everyone is in a rush.

Delivering a message as quick as possible and making a person remember something in just a few seconds sounds impossible, but graphic designers are the ones capable of such thing.

Impressing through visuals is much more efficient than text or audio messages.

The fact that people can simply peek at a logo and instantly remember the name of the company simply because of its design is mesmerising. A graphic designer is the one who can put this theory into practice.

Read this article thoroughly if you want to learn more about the unbreakable bond between graphic design and branding.

Branding represents the multitude of processes and actions used to create and maintain the image of a company.

It is the method that companies and organisations use in order to communicate a message, to differentiate themselves from the competition.

A good graphic designer has to transmit a strong idea through a simple logo.

How difficult that sounds? Well, you will get to understand the intricacies of this topic by continuing to read this article.

Brand – branding – online branding

Not any product that is sold on the market represents a brand.

When a person buys a branded product, he also pays for the big company name.

Creating the very same product, but not attaching a huge brand to it means it won’t be as expensive as the first. Plus, not as many people would buy it. Why? Because a brand has the power to influence the buyer in various ways.

branded bottle from above

When a brand is globally accepted and has so much notoriety, the products it produces will be easily sold at a higher price compared to the average. This is the reason why a graphic designer can be considered the brain behind branding.

He is the one who is responsible for creating a memorable image for a company. The bond between graphic design and branding appears when a specific image is attributed to a company.

The work of a graphic designer differentiates one company from another and makes customers remember it through visuals.

When creating the visuals for a certain company, the graphic designer is the one who sets the competitive advantages that are going to be presented to all potential clients.

Turning a regular company into a brand includes complex processes, among which we find graphic design.

Branding involves focusing on sending a message through advertising campaigns, logos, posters and so on, which wouldn’t be possible without the work of a graphic designer.

He and other specialists in branding are the ones who decide how the brand identity will develop, starting with color schemes, fonts, mottos, messages and so on. This design will stick with the company until the end and will only suffer small changes.

Thus, you can tell how important design is for creating an influencing brand identity.

Since the online environment is now preferred, there’s no wonder why many people moved their businesses entirely here.

graphic design for online branding

Online branding represents the multitude of processes used to create an image online and attract clients through it. It doesn’t involve any actual printed materials – everything is represented digitally.

That’s why it is easier for a graphic designer to represent a brand in terms of online presence, by creating a general image for social media accounts, email marketing, virtual campaigns, website content and so on.

After a graphic designer manages to compile a clear identification of all the branding elements, the people responsible for promoting the brand will choose the proper methods of communicating the message that was already built visually.

Graphic design rules in branding

But what elements in graphic design are so special when it comes to branding?

Creating a consistent brand experience relates to the work of the graphic designer in charge for the respective company.

He is responsible for choosing fonts that are eye-pleasing that suit the message the company wants to transmit; he properly chooses colors, shapes and every detail that will make a customer remember the brand and its particularities over time.

choosing brand color

Before making any decision, the graphic designer needs to clarify the brand vision altogether. What makes the company authentic compared to other similar businesses? Can these characteristics be condensed into a logo or a design for an advertising campaign?

Graphic designers will answer you these questions by putting together a unique vision for any company that wants to become a well-known brand.

Graphic design and branding are entirely related to what the company’s owner wants. Defining the ideal target market and letting the graphic designer know what you – as a business owner – want to transmit through your brand is an essential step in the creational process.

This way, you leave no room for misinterpretation and the graphic designer will know for sure what kind of material to deliver.

Without good communication, chances are you won’t like the final outcome because you didn’t properly state what you desire.

The graphic designer is there to deliver content that fits your vision but in a more pleasing, more professional manner.

Emphasizing the bond between graphic design and branding

You probably understand that graphic design is a dependent condition of branding after you’ve read all the aforementioned details about this topic.

Well, a graphic designer can have many responsibilities, but creating a strong brand for a company that might become internationally notorious a few years from now on is the most impressive and important responsibility of them all.

First of all, full creativity and unicity are required – there is no room for plagiarism, stealing ideas or even using similar color palettes that another company used for their brand.

A graphic designer needs to be capable to create a visual identity from scratch, to transmit a message with just some resources and make clients memorise the name of a company by just taking a look at a logo.

graphic design and branding creating a brand

Graphic design and branding work hand in hand and the results are always impressive.

How would a person remember a company with such ease if branding was never present?

The person won’t; thus, he won’t return for buying more products because similar ones are already available on the market.

A graphic designer can give a company a certain image that clients won’t ever forget.

The respective company will be distinguished out of thousand others.

The graphic designer’s role in branding is to give birth to something that will continuously grow, that will stick to people’s minds and make them remember the good (and sometimes, bad) characteristics of a company.

This bond is unbreakable because companies would not survive while lacking visual content.

In order to be accepted by the large public, a message should be properly delivered, and there is no better way to do that other than hiring a good graphic designer.

Reflect on this matter and you’ll slowly start to realise just how important visual work is in our daily lives.

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