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If you want to become a top-level graphic designer, you constantly need to improve your creative skills. The easiest and best way is to look for different blogs to find design inspiration and discover new trends. This article will discuss the top graphic design blogs you should follow to take your skills and business to the next level.

While creating this list, I have added multiple graphic design blogs to find all the information you need as a designer. Some blogs listed here are niche-specific, and others cover different topics inside the design industry.

Let’s get started!

1. Abduzeedo

It is an incredible source for all graphic designers. It is not limited to some genre-specific design topics; instead, it focuses on many different aspects, from tutorials industrial design to UX/UI trends. This site has been around since 2006, so you can explore a massive knowledge base that was gradually built in the roughly past 15 years.

If you’re a bit more tech-savvy, you may also explore the articles packed with information about the latest digital tools and gadgets used in the industry.

They listed daily design inspiration in the past, which gave you a quick insight into the different works created by graphic designers. Still, sadly they don’t run it anymore.

The thing I like the most about this site is the collection of different design topics offered to the public; that’s why this is my number one blog on the list.

2. Create by Adobe

Suppose you’re a graphic designer or not. In that case, this brand is immediately recognized by everyone because Adobe is alfa and omega of the design space.

Adobe team created a blog that is not only orientated towards graphic design, but you can also find professional tips from other sectors, such as photography, illustration, UX, video, and more.

Visit the site and experience the best designs created by industry experts. Most graphic designers use this blog to add creative ideas to their work and produce something unique.

Moreover, if you don’t know how to design something with Adobe tools, take a look into a How-To section of the page, and you might find a solution to your problem.

One of the most exciting things about this blog is a Giveaway subsection. You can download the different textures, presets, mockups, and other helpful stuff completely free of charge.

3. Wix Creative Blog

It is a reputed blog in graphic design, and there are multiple reasons behind its popularity. It has been created by the team, who also made one of the most sophisticated CMSs – WIX.

WIX design crew is well-educated, so their skills and expertise are second to none. They created this blog to cover almost all categories under the graphic design umbrella.

Wix Creative Blog is related to some posts and articles, but it is jam-packed with a lot of other helpful stuff. For example, you may find book reviews, interviews, and a massive quantity of tips from other top-notch designers.

4. Design Clever

It’s a United Kingdom-based website that is famous among graphic designers. It is not an article-based blog site like most blogs out there. But it is made like a gallery to show different design skills to the public.

It showcases product designs, branding, and other mainstream design-related projects. It is a brilliant opportunity to get noticed by future clients via getting featured on the blog with incredible graphics you’ve created.

One downside of this blog is that you will not get the latest news about the industry. However, I think this is not the focus of the blog creators.

They mainly give attention to the publicity of great designs. That’s why they need your exceptional creations so they can share them with the rest of the world.


This is probably one of the oldest graphic design associations in the world. Believe it or not, AIGA has been around since 1914. It is one of the most trustworthy graphic design blogs. It is the oldest design organization in the United States of America.

No matter the level of your design knowledge, this blog provides helpful advice that you need if you want to raise your skills to the next level and become an expert in the field. AIGA supplies detailed information about every aspect of graphic design.

It focuses on topics like money, music, politics, and even sexuality. Furthermore, they inform the visitors how these topics are connected with graphic design.

6. Logo Design Love

As the name indicates, this blog is all about logo design. It is a professional hub to get inspiration in this particular field of graphic design. There is an enormous need for logo designers in the industry, so be sure to check this blog if you want to be one step ahead of the competition.

Logo Design Love offers massive logo ideas and other design-related stuff, so you can explore examples of different design styles created by smaller brands and various industry giants.

7. The Dieline

The name of this blog looks stranger, but the name indicates a template used for the proper alignment of a printed product. This site is a fantastic source for every graphic designer interested in the packaging design world.

Visitors can find inspiration and the latest trends from the industry. Plus, they award the best projects, so you can see the cream of the crop designs.

Moreover, you can discover different firms, suppliers, and other designers in the field. If you’re searching for a job, throw your eye on a Job section of the site, and you might find a new working position.

There is a broad category of the latest packing designs which you can research and get inspired by. Play around with different concepts you find interesting, add a pinch of your creativity, and voila you’ve created a perfect packaging.

It’s important to say that The Dieline is a niche site focused only on packaging, so you won’t find inspiration from other fields of graphic design. However, when it comes down to packaging design, this blog is the best out there.

8. Canva’s Blog

If you’re a designer, you’ve probably run into a Canva. Canva is a simplified graphic design tool, and it’s on the rise for everyone who wants to create graphics with as little hustle as possible. Besides, that is a free platform and can serve as a stepping stone for everyone interested in getting into the design industry.

Even though Canva’s platform isn’t as advanced as Photoshop, the content creators of the blog take care of the information from the design domain that would thrill even the most demanding graphic designers.

So, suppose you are a person who wants to level up your craft and want to get the latest knowledge about graphic design. In that case, you should most definitely bookmark this blog.

What makes this site unique is that you can get inspiration and simultaneously create your own designs, right there on the same platform and without the significant buck investment.

To Sum Up: Graphic Design Blogs

I have added a great list of graphic design blogs and hats to all the writers who keep looking for the most unique and creative content in this space!

The main focus here was to give you the best information about different types of design theme blogs. Whatever your niche is, this post can help you find inspiration from the most prominent authorities in other industry parts.

It is highly advisable to search for the best stuff in the design arena. Mentioned blogs will not only increase your knowledge if you are a beginner, but they will also give a boost to your professional design career.

Grab the essential information and stay updated with the latest trends through these blogs. It is one of the best things you could do to become one of the best graphic designers.

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