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How To Be a Web Designer Without a Degree

Suppose you are passionate about being a programmer and have outstanding visual design skills and web design skills. In that case, you do not have to stress raising money to go to coding schools or chase scholarships to enroll in a university.

All this is not necessary, you can enroll as a freelance designer, and it takes only experience and the passion for learning new ideas on the internet.

Experts say with adequate resources, anyone can learn web design from books or online platforms such as, where they offer free learning materials online.

Do You Need a Degree To Be a Web Designer?

A degree is not everything, and I believe anything is possible. You can be whoever you want to be with or without one, so becoming a successful web designer is no exception.

Here are my arguments:
Web designing is just the art of planning and creating websites. It develops sites using images, responsive web design, CSS3, fonts, and many more elements used to produce a web page.

Web designers mostly use HTML for structure creation, and for the presentation, part CSS is used.

html code on computer screen

There are various ways how you can become a web designer. You may decide to take a short course on web development, and these short courses mostly take six to twelve months. These short courses come in the form of either part-time or full-time.

Web designing is an integral part of the IT industry. The basic requirements needed to be a good web designer are having good knowledge about HTML and CSS.

Whether the subject is about engineering, shopping, or traveling, websites play a significant role in life today.

There Are a Few Scopes That a Web Designer May Choose to Pursue:

  1. Software industry
    A lot of companies today are hiring people for internal and also external software management. For the internal management, this is maintaining the companies website and also developing them. For the external management, this includes solving website issues concerning clients, maintaining and developing their websites.
  2. Media
    A web designer can be very useful in maintaining an advertisement website. This may be useful for marketing purposes of a company and hence raises the sales of the company and at the end of it all raising the profits.
    A company is able to advertise its products and present these products to customers at low costs compared to sending a staff physically to the customers.
  3. Education
    In today’s life, visual education is very efficient in teaching. Students are learning through animations and animated designs that have a lot of advantages over educating the students in class. These students find it easily understandable and also fun hence they are able to understand more and have fun while studying.

Most companies in need of web designers search for a skilled and creative person. 

html, css, javascript and jquery books

General Things To Be Done in Web Design:

  1. Gain enough knowledge of using HTML, CSS or Java.
  2. Be creative and gain artistic skills related to web designing.
  3. Learn about image editing programs which allow the web designer to add various features to the images as he or she prepares them for posting on the website.
  4. Test the website in various websites and understand their behaviour in each website. This allows the designer to spot any errors and figure out a way of how to fix them.
  5. Once the website is done, the designer has to look for a good platform that people can view it on the web.

Every web designer has functions and responsibilities.
Some of them are as follows:

  1. Responsibility of designing a website. This is a big deal since the web designer comes up with the web content which is the heart of the web page.
  2. Coming up with a website which shall be user friendly and use good visuals for the web pages. It is important for the designer to use and apply the current trends in the web designing industry.
  3. A web designer has a responsibility of managing videos and images in the website.

There are also various web designer roles, which entail using several sets of skills to maintain and produce a website.

person coding behind a computer

For a web designer to deliver high-quality results, they should harness knowledge in the following sectors:
• Graphic design.
• Standardized coding.
• Optimization in search engine.
• Designing interface.

Those mentioned above are not enough for a web designer to be the best. They must learn more and indulge more profoundly in the website designing course.

How To Be Always On Schedule As a Web Designer?

As a web designer, you should understand that the client should always be happy with the result. To achieve this, ask the client what they expect from the website. Remember to ask what websites they like. This information will give a blueprint of the style and functionality they want.

After that, do some substantial pre-design planning since it helps in time management and the available resources.

Which Skills Are Required To Be a Web Designer?

You should be familiar with HTML and CSS

HTML and CSS are fundamental in web design, and with knowing HTML comes a bit of coding.

Although many experts argue that coding is not a must, in contrast, others insist that coding is the key to being a professional web designer. I tend to favor those who advocate knowledge of CSS and HTML, so I advise that you pick up some books or online tutorials and get a basic understanding of the two.

close up of html code on screen

Be committed in Learning New Ideas

What is the best way to stay fresh and up-to-date with all of the latest changes in this industry? The answer is never to stop learning. So be sure that you check new trends on various platforms and new practices emerging in this creative space. In that way, you will stay ahead of the competition.

Develop Business Abilities

Many web designers work alone, and it is highly recommended that you develop business abilities that will help you grow as a web creator.

person holding business book

Business skills are crucial since they make your work marketable. Without business abilities, you might be one of the undiscovered gems of the web design space.

Final Words: How To Be a Web Designer Without a Degree

Starting a web design career can be challenging. Still, if you have a learning mindset and are always on the lookout for new trends in the web design industry, if web design is your passion, you don’t need a degree. You will probably be more successful than a colleague that has one.

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