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Graphic Design

The Importance of Graphic Design in Today’s Society

You may previously have heard about the existence of an industry called graphic design.

In a society that’s hurrying all the time, visuals play a huge role in transmitting a message and communicating something faster.

Graphic design is the one thing that could entirely change the game. For companies, regular people, and institutions, graphic design can be the one element that changes how these are all perceived.

Most people who hear about graphic design are wrong because they do not know what impact this industry has on their lives directly.

Since it is a creative industry, the graphic design offers people the possibility to express themselves uniquely. This is why there are so many graphic designers out there who still get many projects. Each of them has a unique style that some clients prefer over others.

A quick search of the term graphic design will lead you to immense quantities of information that you can slowly analyze and eventually apply if you are passionate about this field. Anyone can become a graphic designer if possessing enough talent, drive and motivation.

This article clarifies the facts that make a graphic design so important in today’s society by backing up simple facts with actual studies run by famous people, brands, or institutions.

You will understand what graphic design involves, how it can affect one’s life, and the psychological implications visuals have on a person’s mind. You will assimilate some other relevant information to prove the importance of graphic design.

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You may want to follow a path in this domain, or you may want to expand your knowledge in graphic design.

No matter why you are here, this short article might help you get a better grip on graphic design and everything it relates to.

Know what graphic design is and how it can influence your life

To dive deeper into the intricacies of graphic design, you should first clarify the basis. Do you know what graphic design really is?

It represents a series of subjective solutions to various communication problems.

If one single picture can speak to a person louder than words, think about the impact of a well-designed material.

It can be a poster, a logo, a visual ad you see on the streets or the Internet – anything that’s visual and goes through the mighty hands of a graphic designer works.

Graphic design can be the reason behind a long-term memory.

Imagine a world with no visuals at all, communicating only through the medium of words. Besides not being effective, it would also be dull and tiring.

bright and visual corporate identity

The human eye needs pleasant visuals to give the brain a break now and then. Without well-chosen colors, neatly organized design elements, order, and so on, people would constantly perceive a chaotic environment that would get tiring at some point.

Graphic design contoured itself around the 19th century when avant-garde movements started to appear. Since this is the period when modernism became a reference point in our history, there is no wonder why people distanced themselves from regularity and became open-minded.

Some doors were opened, and people started to notice the aftermath. The influence of visuals was now evident. Graphic design and avant-garde movements influenced entire societies through the aesthetic values they promoted.

The graphic design industry impacts culture, information delivery, decision-making, and many more other aspects of our lives.

Even though it doesn’t seem so at first, you will see that visuals tend to govern our world if you dig deeper into this topic.

We remember brands because of the image they promote. We choose certain things over others because they are more visually appealing. How is that possible? Continue reading this article and find out more about the existence of psychology in visuals.

Psychological implications of visuals

The psychology of visual content is a real thing studied for years. The importance of graphic design in advertising has been at the center of attention lately because people have realized that visuals can have real implications on a person’s brain.

Marketing strategies that involve good graphic design practices tend to work much better. The use of specific colors, certain fonts, and images increases the view rate by making people read the respective content.

Generating a higher view rate makes potential clients interested in what a company has to offer. Thus, the importance of graphic design in business is demonstrated.

People are more likely to buy a product that looks visually pleasing rather than one that may be more qualitative but looks unpleasing.

Also, most companies nowadays want to engage with their potential and current customers. Images and visuals, in general, are generating more engagement than any other type of existing content.

Watching a video about a product is a sure way to sell it better. Visuals and online success go hand in hand, and it’s all because of nonverbal communication.

creating brand visuals

The psychology of visual content involves that the human eye prefers specific patterns over others. These patterns represent beauty in proportion. Correlating them with colors has as the main result the biophilia effect, which means that the brain relaxes and the mood of a person is boosted.

The psychological responses to visuals are complex and primarily subconscious, so it would be difficult to define the exact processes that happen inside the brain when a person sees good visual content.

Luckily, graphic designers know the essential rules for creating eye-pleasing content. The Fibonacci Sequence, the rule of thirds, the psychology of colors, the power of fonts and shapes – these are all details that graphic design studies in depth.

Study the topic to convince yourself this is real. Check out the logos of huge brands like McDonald’s or Apple and see how they come up with their logos, why they are so attractive, and why we remember and choose their brand over others.

You need actual facts to prove the importance of graphic design

To back up everything mentioned before, you should read some studies made on this topic by professionals and experts in the field.

Researchers proved the importance of graphic designers in advertising and business through their study. So, what is mentioned in this article are not solely random facts.

Start with the famous book of Don Norman, which is called Emotional Design. This book emphasizes that graphic design can accentuate the utility and value of a product. It is entirely directed on how to transmit emotion through graphic design, and it’s suitable for anyone who works in the graphic design industry, regardless of how long.

You can also read the research named Attractive Things work Better, which is about aesthetics in this society. It emphasizes that people perceive visually appealing things as more valuable and performant than less attractive ones.

Check out how big brands choose their logos. Take Apple and the Realizations of Rounded Rectangles as an example.

Other experts such as Stephen P. Anderson and Dimitry Fadeyev can represent some good places to borrow inspiration from.

After reading all these studies, think again about the importance of graphic design in today’s society and decide for yourself whether it is worth working in this industry or not.

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