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10 Top Graphic Design Companies You Should Know About

If you are a graphic designer who strives to become the best, then you absolutely need to take as an example the best graphic design companies out there.

Studios all over the world worked with multinational brands that you now remember them because of a good graphic design team.

Learning from the best is a condition in this industry because you need to be up to date with the latest trends and requirements on the market. This is the only way for you to notice what people prefer, what styles are adopted lately and, eventually, what sells.

Considering that the purpose of any designer is to become better with time, such research might be extremely useful.

You don’t have to spend hours reading about the history of random graphic design companies. All you need are some references.

You’ll find everything you want and beyond in this one short article. Heads up for the list:


Landor is a graphic design brand that has a lot of expertise in the domain. They worked with thousand international-known brands and created an outstanding image for them.

Among the companies they worked with we can mention Samsung, Sony, BMW, Lamborghini, BBC, Nike, and even FedEx. These are all brands that you probably heard about in the past and they surely imprinted an image on your mind.

This is the result of good graphic design work – truly professional and exposing a unique vision that clients won’t ever forget. Landor has its headquarters in San Francisco and it exceeds in brand consulting.


MetaDesign is one of those companies that impresses you from the very first start. This company is also a global one and worked with notable international brands.

MetaDesign is impressing through the huge experience the team has in graphic design. They work in this industry for over 20 years and collaborated with companies that would be hard to miss.

You probably know about the importance of brands such as Apple or Adobe who want their image to be as minimal and simple as possible.

Well, MetaDesign helped them rethink their brands and many more others are included in their long history.


Mucho is a boutique design studio that works in almost all industries that are related somehow to graphic design. From non-profit to corporations and culture, Mucho covers all the possible topics and turns them into something visually pleasing.

They have a team that’s ready to work with brand identity materials, exhibitions, prints or even motion design. The team at Mucho focuses on combining nature with their work and making the immediate surrounding environment aesthetically pleasing.

When Mucho builds a brand, it will become international in less time than you expect. Mucho worked with brands such as Google, HP, Gap or BMW. Their client list is basically never-ending.


If you work in the field of graphic design for quite some time, you probably heard about Spin here and there. This is a company that started its work around 20 years ago and maintained its success throughout the years.

The fields they work in are also extremely diverse and raging from broadcast and entertainment to communication and arts. Yet their style is always the same – a pleasing type of minimalism, combined with elegance and transmitting a strong message in an instant.

Spin worked with huge names such as Nike, Channel 4 or D&AD. Their headquarters is in London, which gives them access to many new challenges that they always gladly accept.


DIA is something completely different compared to the graphic design companies mentioned above. This one is specialized in kinetic identity systems.

In case you don’t know what that is, picture this – a design that’s forever changing. Kinetic identity systems started as a trend and now became the focal point of brand identity. It involves creating more separate design parts that build together a brand. Thus, designers are basically given free hand.

DIA has its headquarters in New York and worked with Nissan, FX, Discovery Channel or Cartoon Network. Once you see their work, you will recognize their style whenever you notice it.

Vallée Duhamel

This is a small design studio that was founded by Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel. The reason why this studio is part of this top is obvious – their work is absolutely stunning.

The studio works with a specific style, a certain color palette that you won’t encounter in any other case. They always impress clients with their creativity and innovation, leaving no room for the ordinary.

The client list at Vallée Duhamel is extensive, but the studio started to gain popularity after their big commercials for MTV. They work with both motion and image design and have a keen eye for colors that are opposite on the wheel.

Casa Rex

You may have heard about Casa Rex because of the many, many awards they received in the past few years. Their headquarters are in Sao Paolo and London.

At first, Gustavo Piqueira started to build on this company. Slowly, but surely, the team reached around 50 members and are known internationally known for their work.

They usually work with consumer brands because they know how to make a product sell through visuals.

Casa Rex is flexible when it comes to design, and their style can be considered experimental. They worked with brands such as Dove, Campari, Axe or Hellmann’s.


Pentagram claims to be the bigger independent design consultancy in the whole world, which is a lot from the very beginning. What’s even more impressive about this studio is that it was founded around 1970. Imagine all the changes that their styles been through, what modifications intervened in terms of team and so on.

Pentagram has multiple headquarters situated in London, New York, San Francisco, Berlin or even Austin, in Texas.

Their clientele is as extensive and impressive as you may have thought. They worked with Tiffany & Co, Tesco, MasterCard and collaborated with Alexander McQueen shops and Harley-Davidson museums.


Fable is based in Singapore and it is a multi-award winning design company. If you previously have heard about the British Design & Art Direction award, Fable managed to get it recently.

As in the case of some other companies mentioned in this article, Fable is multi-disciplinary and focuses on numerous types of design. Among these, you can take a look at their work in terms of brand identity, wayfinding, and publishing.

Fable got the award for art direction as they work with it as well. The team follows the same style that involves bright colors, geometric shapes, and uncommon patterns.


This company has the name of its founder, Perniclaw Bedow. At first, Bedow was unsuccessful as it started as a company who wanted to break the norm in terms of graphic design. In time, the company steadily started to expand.

Bedow maintained its out-of-the-ordinary style and their unique aesthetics and worked for international brands and companies. They designed ads for Momento Film, for Unicef or Oddwood.

Their headquarters is in Stockholm and they continue to expand ever since their failure in 2004.

Final Words: 10 Top Graphic Design Companies

Considering the numerous companies listed above, what’s your favorite?

As a graphic design enthusiast, I can state that my favorite one remains MetaDesign. The minimalism they put into their work and the unexpected results always get me.

You will surely find some inspiration if you look up the work of some of the graphic design companies mentioned in this article.

Feel free to leave comments or come up with new examples that you find worthy of this top.

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