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Graphic Design

Why is Graphic Design Important?

The first impression of a business can determine its future, that it is why business invests thousands of dollars in advertising and campaigning.

The aim of these advertisers and campaigns is to attract a customer and persuade him to buy the product. And the customer will only buy a product which better communicates with him, and this is where graphics design comes to play.

The first interaction of the customer with the product is when he/she goes through the flyer or ad or website.

Aesthetically designed pamphlets or website tend to attract most of the attention because it shows how professional the company is, and how serious they producers are about their product.

All these elements can set the tone of the relationship between the buyer and the seller.

Graphic design is important in all sets of professions from health, to finance, through engineering and has a very prominent role in the entertainment industry.

History of Graphic Design

Humans have always been attracted to patterns and sketches. The early man left his mark through drawings of its surrounding on cave walls.

Patterns and designs have always been used to convey messages and record history. Before the printing presses even started.

Lions painting, Chauvet Cave

The term, ‘Graphic Design’ itself, was first introduced by William Dwiggins, a famous designer, in one of his essays.

It won’t be false to say that, designs have played a key role in shaping our history and our world.

This non-verbal method of communication surpasses every language, and it has a very strong and very direct impact on the audience.

Graphic Design Fields

Graphic design is a very vast and diverse field. Generally, we find three types of designers who work in:

  1. Print Graphic Design
  2. Computer Graphic Design
  3. Broadcasting

1. Print Design

Logo designs, brochure designs, flyer designs, visiting cards, magazines etc. are designed by graphic designers.

2. Computer Graphic Design

In the past few decades, computer graphic design has evolved from 2d simple shapes and designs to 3d designs, which are used in architecture and game development.

woman making graphic design for packaging

3. Broadcasting

Those amazing animations we see before the 9 o’clock news are designed by Graphic designers.

Broadcast Design is called Branding for TV channels and programs. The job of a Graphic designer is to create the respective design to match the description. For example Cartoon channels, News channels etc.

Importance of Graphic Design

At this point, it should be very clear to you that why graphic design is important. But if you still need some good reasons as to why graphic design is so essential, then let us explain.

It Simply Makes You Look Good

Good designs make the company and its brand look good. It’s that simple. It gives the brand consistency and makes it recognizable.

Well designed and aesthetically appealing graphic capture the Imagination of the audience, which has a positive and long-lasting impression.

It Makes You Unique

Your design represent the brand, and it can help you set you apart from the competitors.

wall full of stickers

Unique designs have great impacts on human psychology. People are attracted towards things that are different than the usual.

Unique designs can help you become more recognizable.

It Shows how Credible and Professional You Are

It is said that pictures are worth a thousand words. Graphic design gives you the power of pictures, which have such impact factors.

Companies which invest heavily in their advertisements and images are perceived to be highly professional and credible.

Professionalism is a great turn on for the customers. It builds trust in customers towards the brand.

It Delivers An Idea In a Short and Meaningful Manner

People, generally, are not interested in reading lengthy documents, nor do they have time to do so. Ad designs are a smart way to deliver an idea of the product.

Neat designs captures the attention of the passerby, and compels them to see what’s been sold.

Colors have the power to play with the emotions of humans. They can spark joy or sadness, and even change their perspectives.

The Process of Graphic Design

Creative Briefing of the Project

The first step in the designing process is to meet with the client, get a good briefing on the needs, ideas, budget, and to get the good understanding of the client mindset.

table full of notes

It is necessary to be clear about their goals, missions, expectations and, most importantly, the product and services of the company.

This is the moment when you draw an outline of the design of the logo or the website.

Understanding Clients Ecosystem

After getting a skeleton of the design, the designer researches the background of the company and the client. It is a good practice to do some research on the clients’ products, its services and the customers.

This helps the designer to design in accordance to the people that are going to see the design. The design is specifically audience targeted.

You can never attract children with a dull and serious designs, but animations and colors will get the children’s attention.

You always need to be aware of the mentality of the audience.

Brainstorming Relative Concepts and Drafting

After briefing and research of the client, designers start to work on relevant ideas that originate from the combination of briefing and research.

Designers grab a paper pencil and start working on rough ideas, constantly improving and redoing the design.

wireframes on computer screen

The designer tries to embed the message into the design. Each curve and shape has to be accurate and serve a purpose. This is where the designer pours in his/her creativity.

After refining the design again and again, the designer comes up with a draft. This draft is usually a vague representation of the final design. This draft is shared with company.

Building the Design

The draft is reviewed by the company. The company shares its reservations with designs, and the designers make desirable changes and agree on a final draft.

This final draft is sent under production, where the rough design is turned into a professional and useable design.

Different software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Affinity Designer etc. is used in prepare the final product.

Presenting and Dispatching the Design

Before the final dispatch, the design is presented to the company, and if the company approves the design and the green signal is given, the design is dispatched or handed over to the company.

Depending upon the use of the design, relevant steps are taken.

printing machine

If the design is going to be used in cards or brochures etc. the design goes into printing. If the design is going to be used in websites, it is embedded in the code of the website. And if it is supposed to be used in broadcasting, then they are hosted in respective channels.

Before closing the deal, the designer checks with the company if everything is working perfectly, or anything needs changing, or the client wants to add something new to the design.

Final Words: Why is Graphic Design Important?

In conclusion, we are very dependent on graphics designs for even the basic kind of communication.

We use emoji’s to express our feeling to others ;-).

Graphic design promises great careers opportunities for talented young artists and we expect the job market to grow with the advancement of new technologies.

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