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DesignCap Review

Opening a professional graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop might be anxious for those who are not working with it daily. However, in today’s market, users can find different alternatives, and if you’re looking for one, DesignCap is the right option.

What is DesignCap?

DesignCap is an online platform where you can create professional-looking designs with ease and without prior design knowledge.

You can choose among 3.000+ templates, covering anything from creating charts, presentations, business cards, Facebook ads, logos, and so forth.

The app is great for digital marketers, hobbyists, and professional graphic designers who want to make designs effortlessly and as quickly as possible.

Let’s see how you can start using the program.

Start With Signing Up

Sign up is a complete hustle-free process. Like you’re probably already used to, you can create your account with Facebook, Google or use your email address.

designcap signing in form

Now that we got the singing up process covered let’s explore the app. The first thing that we’re going to look at is the App’s Dashboard.

App Dashboard

You can access the platform through the URL address or choose the login button. If you’re already logged in, you can access it by selecting the “My Designs” option, and you’ll be sent to the designs you’ve already made and saved.

The top part of the app offers you a wide selection of temples for different purposes. The main categories are divided into various subcategories. For instance, if you need a social media graphic, choose this Social Media category, and check out the themes made for Facebook Cover, YouTube Thumbnails, and many more.

designcap app dashboard

Your primary navigation is placed on the left side of the app. Here you have four different options: “Create New” artboard, browser among already predesigned “Templates,” and check out “Your Designs.” The last option is reserved for the premium users who can upload desirable fonts with the “My Fonts” selection.

Create New Option

Create an artboard with a custom size or different presets. You can choose between infographics, documents, logos, and business cards, plus everything in between.

If you’re searching for something specific, you can use the search bar. Let me give you an example of how it works. In case you need a Facebook cover image, you can enter the keyword in the search window, and the results will be listed. Choose the one that catches your eye, and voila, you can start designing.

create new option of the app

After choosing a category preset for your work, a blank predefined size artboard will open up. Having a predetermined size artboard is an excellent feature as you don’t need to google for specific dimensions as is necessary when using a professional graphic design program.

When you select the theme, navigation on the left side will be displayed. Here you can quickly select a different template if you’re not satisfied with the one you went for in the beginning.

You can search through the most popular and the most recently added ones in the newly opened window.

Every theme comes with predefined colors, fonts, and layout. But no worries, you can always customize everything you want. If you’re going to push your creativity to the max, choose the clean slate and start adding different elements to it.

The Apps Design Process

Before you start designing on a specific theme, you can hit the Preview button to see a whole design you’ll be working with. If you’re satisfied with the elements and their color, you can just insert the desired text, and you’re pretty much done. It’s that easy.

preview of the template

As mentioned before, you’re not limited to the DesignCap default designs. Still, you can tailor all the components to your preference. The best thing is that those are vector elements, so the quality won’t be reduced if you zoom in.

All elements can be flipped, add transparency to it, or change the font setup. Let’s not forget you can change the color with the predefined ones or enter the hex value. If something is out of alignment, you can always align it with the different options in the upper right corner, where you can also duplicate or delete the element.

different transformation options

You can also enrich your design with photos from the image library, listed in different categories. If you can’t find the right picture, you can also upload any image you’d like to. Different filters are another exceptional built-in feature that you can use to make your images unique looking.

image library selection

You can also enhance your design with “Modules,” and we’re going to discover more of it next.


To make things in the design process effortlessly, you can pick amongst different premade modules such as image+text, timelines, and various social media blocks. Simply grab one and drop it into your design, and that’s it.

modules options


If you’re not pleased with the background, a specific theme comes with it. You can change it by selecting between various pictures, seamless shapes, solid colors, and gradients.

Working With Document Templates

When you choose to work with a report, CV, or a presentation, you won’t get only a predesigned front page but various subpages as well. The number of ready-made pages that a specific theme comes with is displayed in the bottom right corner of the template when you go over it with your mouse.

preview option of the template

Let’s explore the options on the upper right side of the page. Here you can see how many pages you have in your document, duplicate a specific one, or insert a blank page.

Shell, we explore what else DesginCap offers?

No matter what type of template you choose to work on, you can download, print, or share it when you’re done. You can share your work with other people through the generated link.

share your designs

But before you share your work with anyone, I suggest you name it in the selection above. Also, don’t forget to preview it to be 100% sure that the end product matches the steps you took during your design. This step is crucial because sometimes, things might not look the same when designing them and later in the exportation process.

Besides the link sharing option, you can also post your design on social media or send it directly to the person you want via email.

If something goes wrong, an autosave feature saves you from the nerve-wracking situation, such as accidentally closing app windows after you’ve invested 10+ design hours in.

Where are all of your designs saved, you might ask? In the “My Designs” tab.

My Designs Tab

In this window, as already mentioned, you can find your saved designs. If you didn’t name them elsewhere, you could simply do it here with a click on the “Untitled” field.

my designs tab

Besides that, you can also delete, duplicate, share, or edit your design with the selection in the upper right corner of the picture thumbnail.

DesignCap Support

If you’re lost and don’t know how to design something or experience any app issues, you can contact the support team through the contact form. Another way to find the answer to your problem is to go through the FAQ page.

different designcap support choices

I case you want to learn how to design something, you can also explore different tutorials made by the DesignCap team.

User Setting

This is the last choice in the left side navigation. In case you want to change your information or language, you can do it here.

Coming up next is the pricing.


DesignCap offers three different plans: Free, Basic, and Plus.

Free Plan

This plan is for everyone that wants to try the app out. However, you’re limited to the number of templates you can choose. With the free subscription model, you can only upload 5 different images and save up to 5 designs. Besides that, you can only export your works in .jpg format.

Basic Plan

We’re going to take this up a notch! With the basic plan, you get unlimited templates, unlimited stock icons, and limitless modules. But wait, there so more! You can also export your work in high-res PNG & PDF formats, upload up to 100 images and save up to 100 designs. All this can be yours for $4.99/mo if you choose the annual payment. That’s a pretty good deal!

Plus Plan

For everyone who is creating various graphics daily, this is an ideal plan. This subscription brings to the table everything that a Basic one does. Besides that, every Plus Plan user can upload their own fonts to make totally unique looking designs, save up to 1,000 images and 1,000 different designs.

This is DesignCap’s most popular plan, and it costs ONLY $1 more than the Basic one – $5.99 /mo if you choose the annual payment.

price plans

No matter which plans you choose, it’s a complete bargain compared to some more prominent names in this space.

What I Like About DesignCap Platform

The app’s features are really remarkable! But a few things really stand out. Its user-friendliness, different categories, and numerous templates help you create excellent designs in seconds.

Because trends in graphic design change quickly, the DesginCap team regularly uploads new templates created with the latest style guidelines in mind.

What I Don’t Like About DesignCap Platform

Although I’m excited about this online tool, I’m not keen on some aspects linked with the app’s user experience.

I would give the minus to the app’s accessibility. You can only access it through the My Designs choice from the homepage. Whereas, if you want to open the app’s default layout, you can only do that through the URL.

Another thing that is not ideal is template selection mechanics. What do I mean by that? If you don’t like your choice and click “Back to Templates,” the app will list all the templates from the start and not from where you stopped your selection previously.

These are pretty minor things and not a deal-breaker when you’re choosing your next online graphic design tool.

Final Thoughts

I’ve tried a few online design services. Every time I’m surprised how every new app becomes more foolproof and accessible to the general public. Few clicks, and your design is done!

DesignCap would make my designer life so much easier when I was starting my career. The features of this app would save me a lot of time and nerves.

I hope they add a Chatbot for faster support if you get lost and can’t find the solution quickly in the page’s FAQ section. An added set of animated themes would also be an excellent option. With them, you’d really refine your designs’ appearance.

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